October 28, 2016

Posted by Joy Mosby on October 28, 2016
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Since I have begun publishing my books independently I am going to support other Indi-authors by post reviews of their books here. Hopefully I will have a new post once a week or so.  Enjoy!

Vampire’s Revenge  by Juliet Spade, was a good read. I have ready many vampire books, from Bram Stoker to Ann Rice, Charlene Harris and yes even Stephenie Meyer.  Juliet created an original and entertaining spin on vampire lore that explains the basic’s without dragging it out.  Her characters are dynamic and the twist surprised me (I can normally guess what the spin will be much earlier in the book then I did with this one) while meshing with the story perfectly.

Her action sequences are clear and concise even though it jumps from character to character, it gave the scene a live action feel.

She did a great job of leaving me with more questions than answers while not leaving the book on a cliff.

I will defiantly check out the next book in the series.




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