Sneak Peek: “Trained by Vampires”

Trained By Vampires

Joy Mosby


I waited outside the arrivals terminal at Ben Epps Airport in Athens, Greece, for the shuttle to the hotel I booked a few minutes after getting off the plane. I fingered the phone in my pocket willing it to ring and wishing I knew where Vince was. There was no way the ‘evil ones’ beat me here, even if they had known where I was going. But Vince knew, he could have found a way to meet me here or be arriving shortly, unless the ‘evil ones’ had done something horrible to him. I shivered and rubbed my arms, just thinking about them made my skin crawl.

The shuttle stopped in front of me a minute later, it was early in the morning, and it was empty except for the driver. “Kali mera,” he said after opening the door and coming down the stairs looking for my luggage.

“Good morning,” I said hoping I was responding in kind to his salutation.

“Where is your luggage?” He asked switching to broken English.

Fumbling for an excuse. “It was lost.” This man didn’t need to know I was forced leave everything I owned at the ‘evil ones’ villa in order to escape from them.

“I am sorry,” he said going back up the steps and taking his seat. “You look tired let’s get you to your hotel.”

“Thank you.” I climbed the stairs and took the seat behind the driver. I let out a long breath and looked out the window. It was still dark, and even though the past twenty-four hours had been hell, a little jolt of excitement passed through me when I thought about where I was. My life had changed so much in the past week it was hard to believe I was alive, let alone in Greece.

Who would have thought leaving my boyfriend would lead me down a road I could never imagine. After leaving Mark I began to hear voices in my head. They weren’t a figment of my imagination either. They were vampire voices. I had been manipulated by one, mortally wounded by another, and saved by a different one. I found out I am the prophesized savior of the vampire race, ‘The One’, though what they need saved from is beyond me. I knew next to nothing about what it meant, but I had a flash drive in my wallet and it contained all of the information Vince, the vampire who saved me from slavery, had.I was exhausted, but the first thing I wanted to do was see what was on the drive and find out what being ‘The One’ meant.

“Here we are,” the driver said as he pulled up to the hotel entrance and stopped the shuttle.

I got up and went to the head of the stairs. “Thank you,” I said before going down the stairs and off the bus.


I went directly through the front door of the hotel to the front desk where a tired looking older man sat behind the desk in a rumbled suit that looked like it had been slept in.

“Hi, my name is Mary Sims I just made a reservation for a room.” I tried to speak slowly so the man could understand me. My name isn’t really Mary Sims, it’s Katie Hunter. Mary is the identity Vince set up for me to keep the ‘evil ones’ from finding me.

“Yes, you talked to me. I just need your passport and credit card.” He looked down and started clicking a computer mouse. “How long will you be staying with us?”

I hesitated at the question. I wanted to stay in Athens and wait for Vince, but every day I stayed increased the risk of the ‘evil ones’ finding me. Vince would be able to track my movements by the credit card he gave me. He would know how to find me. “Just tonight,” I said digging in my wallet and giving him my passport and credit card.

“Very good,” the man said entering my information into the computer. “Where are you going from here?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Even if I had known, there was no way I going to tell this guy. It would be too easy for the ‘evil ones’ to track me. “Do you have a computer I could use?”

“We have a guest computer,” he said pulling out a map and showing me how to get there. “You will need to use your room key to access the room.”

“Thank you,” I said signing the credit card slip and taking the key he gave me.

“Sleep well Ms. Sims.”

When I reached the locked door outside the computer room I slid my key into the door, went inside and sat down at the computer. Letting out a deep breath I plugged the flash drive into the USB port and waited for the computer to read the content of the drive. My leg bounced up and down impatiently as the old machine whirled and spun. Finally a window popped up with a document icon on it. I clicked on it and got an error message in Greek. I couldn’t read it, but based on the operating system, I guessed the computer couldn’t open the document with the software on the machine.

Frustrated I opened the internet browser and tried to open the document with a program online but the internet was so slow it kept timing out. After twenty minutes of failure, I gave up, blinking back the tears burning my eyes. I needed sleep. I could find a computer the next day.

I went up to my room and opened the door. It was a standard room with a queen size bed. Everything about the room was standard with pastel color tones of tan, pink and blue. There was a desk in the corner with a chair and a television sat on top a dresser.

I checked the closet, bathroom, and under the bed to ensure there was no one in the room with me. I locked the door and engaged the dead bolt before stripping off my clothes and going into the bathroom.

Since I didn’t have any other clothes, I washed my panties in the sink with the hand soap provided by the hotel and hung them out to dry on the towel rack.

Looking in the mirror, I pulled back the gauze on my neck, where one of the ‘evil ones’ had taken a chunk out of me two nights ago. The wound was gone. I touched the angry looking, red puckered skin where the stiches had been the night before. How had I healed so quickly? I had stitches before, when I shut a car door on my hand and it took weeks to heal. My hand was better too. I bruised it when I punched my cheating ex-boyfriend, then one of the ‘evil ones’ in self-defense, the same night. When had that happened? I tried to think back to the last time it hurt. It was before we left Vince’s house in San Sebastian.

Was this one of my new powers? Was I able to heal quicker then I used too? It had to have something to do with my mom and being ‘The One’. As much as I thought this business with the prophecy was a myth, things kept happening to me that made me want to believe it might be true. I shook myself. Why would I be ‘The One’? It still didn’t add up for me. Without any answers I shrugged and got into the shower.

I took a long hot shower and cried the whole time. I cried for the loss of my former life. I cried for the pain my disappearing would cause my parents and friends. I cried at the pain I had suffered in the past twenty-four hours. I cried for Vince hoping he was alright. Would he find me soon? Would he change me into a vampire even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted? Did I have a choice? He thought I was ‘The One’ after all, my destiny was to become a vampire.

After I cried myself out, and left with more questions than answers, I went to bed hoping I would be able to leave all the bad thoughts behind and get some sleep. The drapes were pulled, the do-not-disturb sign was on the door, the deadbolt and the chain were engaged. I made sure the ringer on my cell phone was on and the volume was turned all the way up incase Vince tried to call me. I set my alarm clock for nine in the morning and I went to bed thinking, I was as safe as I could be for the night.



Miguel paced around his office. How could he have let this happen? She was gone, and he had no way of knowing where she went. He tried to track down the people at the airport who had helped her, but by the time his, episode, as he liked to call it, was over they were gone. He could not even find out her assumed name. He tried to hack into the security video at the airport but it was too good. He even tried to bribe the security guards to let him look. It annoyed him that he could not buy the airport like he could the rest of the city. The airport was property of the state, and he couldn’t use his influence to get what he needed from them.

He wasn’t really sure what happened while he was trying to get to Katie at the security check point. He had been trying to stop her with the pain from the slave bond, but it back fired. If he was honest with himself, it was almost like she had thrown the pain back at him. Vampires didn’t have seizures; they were never afflicted with pain, unless, it was inflicted by brute force. She must have removed the slave bond, but how? He had never heard of a human being able to remove one before, unless, she had been changed from his slave to another’s. She was ‘The One’ though, maybe being able to remove was one of her powers. He would probably never know.

Why were Vince and Katie at the airport at the same time? Was she with Vince the entire time? Were they traveling together? Antonio reported back that he only took Vince to the airport, but it seemed like something had changed with the boy. He looked nervous and flighty. Almost like Antonio was no longer his slave. Miguel was too upset to worry about it when Antonio gave the report. He sent Antonio on his way before he thought about what was going on.

Miguel beat his hand against the wall. Why had he banished Vince? His best friend was gone all because he was jealous of Vince. He still could not believe that he took Katie to the hospital and didn’t change her. But she wasn’t at the hospital. She had to have help from someone. It couldn’t have been Vince. He had gone to his house and there was no trace of Katie there. Lolita had walked the halls and hadn’t detected anything. Could Vince somehow hide Katie’s amazing sent? With Vince gone he could go check for himself.

He left his office and went to the garage. Normally he would have Theodore drive him where he wanted to go, but tonight he wanted to be by himself. He needed to think, he needed a plan to find Katie. He didn’t know what he would do when he found her, but he would take one step at a time. The feel of the Austin Martin’s engine growling underneath him brought a smile to his lips that he hadn’t had in the past forty-eight hours. He tore out of the garage barely slowing down as he came to the gate. It had been too long since he was behind the wheel. He missed controlling the beast, as it’s tires squealed, trying to find purchase around the switchbacks leading down the hill.

He slowed when he got to town, he didn’t want to deal with the humans and their driving, but causing an accident would be even worse. The gate to Vince’s villa was closed as he approached it. No longer caring what his one-time friend would think he rammed his car through the gate. As much as he loved the high gloss silver paint of the car, he wanted to look around Vince’s home more.

Parking his car at the front door he got out and to see if the house was locked. Of course it was, but he wouldn’t let the lock stop him. He kicked the door until it splintered away from its frame. As soon as he stepped inside he smelled it. Lilac and woman, Katie had been here. How had they missed her smell? Infuriated Miguel raced down the hall following the smell. He stopped outside a bedroom before moving inside. The room was saturated in the smell of Katie.

It was all Vince’s fault, Miguel thought. If Vince would have come clean with him from the start, he would not be in this situation. If he would have told him about the tattoo marking her side, he would not have tried to make her his slave. He would have seduced her and treated her like the queen she was meant to be.

He had to do something. Had to get back at Vince for what he had done. But how? Vince was gone with a new name and identity. Knowing his longtime friend, it would take years to track them down. What had he said a few days ago? He was moving his money around because of a ‘tip’. Vince must have been planning to escape with Katie for days. How could he have been so blind to Vince’s true allegiance? Now that he thought about it, Vince only stayed in San Sebastian as long as he did to be there when ‘The One’ showed up, not because of his friendship with Miguel. Vince had been planning on taking ‘The One’ from the beginning. Miguel cursed himself for blindly believing in the friendship Vince offered so many years before.

He went to the bar in Vince’s living room, found a towel and tore it into strips before taking the lids off the bottles of liquor. He shoved the strips of towel into the mouths of the bottles. Starting at the back of the house he lit the strips on fire and threw them at the walls. He slowly, methodically walked through the house making sure nothing would be left of the home Vince always said he loved.

With the house engulfed in flames he got back into his car and pulled away to watch the flames consume the home of his new found enemy from a safe distance. When the sirens from the firetrucks grew near he went home feeling better. At least he was able to destroy something of Vince’s, no matter how small.

He pulled into the garage at the villa just before the sun came over the horizon. He wanted to feel happy about destroying something of Vince’s, but he was still lost to the rage of losing Katie. He made his way to his office to begin searching for the two of them on his computer when Lolita cornered him outside the office door.

“What have you done little brother?”

“What needed to be done. Vince betrayed me, I had to make a statement for everyone else.” He moved around her and entered his office with her on his heels.

“What do you mean? Did he leave with Katie?”

“I had to check. I know we checked his house earlier and found no trace of her, but something was not sitting right with me so I went back. As soon as I walked in the front door I could smell her. Vince stole her from us.” He went to the chair behind the desk and sat down. “I had to hurt him, and lighting his house on fire was the only thing I could think of.”

“I’m sorry Vince betrayed you, but we have more immediate concerns to worry about.” Lolita gracefully sat down in the chair opposite of Miguel’s. “You didn’t wait for the fire department to put out the fire?”

“No, it was too close to dawn. Why?”

“The wind changed direction, our city is on fire.” Lolita took her phone out of her pocket and pulled up the footage of the fire now engulfing most of San Sebastian.

Miguel put his head in his hands. “She was sent here to save me,” he murmured rubbing his eyes but not looking up. “She failed. Look what I have done.”

“Miguelito, we all make mistakes.” Lolita rested her hand on his shoulder. “Now is the time to plan. We need to find her and destroy her before she controls us all.”

“Why would I want to kill her Lolita?” Miguel looked up from his hands and met her eyes. “She is to be our savior. It’s my fault she’s not here, not hers.”

“What do we need saved from?” Lolita asked throwing her hands up in the air. “We have everything we could ever want.” She waved her hands to indicate their lavish lifestyle.

“I don’t know, but I know she’s going to find a way to save us from it. I have to find her and make her understand that I didn’t want any of this to happen.” Miguel turned to his monitor.

“Not all prophecies come true,” Lolita purred trying to sound calm and loving. She would do anything to change the obsession Miguel had with this girl. “Imagine the power we could have if we made her our slave. We could buy Versailles, we could live like Henry and Marie, do you remember how much fun we had when we called on them? We could rule Europe and eventually the world. We could have everything our hearts desire, bring the world to its knees be for us.”

Miguel looked away from his computer and rolled his eyes at her. She understood nothing. “Don’t you see Lolita? If Katie doesn’t save us we are all going to die and spend the afterlife being tortured in Tartarus. I don’t want to die. With what we have already done to her, I can only beg her for leniency. I’m sure she wants both of us dead.”

“I never understood Father’s obsession with a cult that no longer applied to the world we live in. I had hoped your interest in it would fade when he met the sun.” She crossed one leg over the other realizing she would never turn him to her side. “I was wrong, but at least I only have to hear one of you yammering on about it. I should have gotten rid of you the same way I got rid of him.”

Miguel jumped to his feet, flew over the desk, and grabbed the front of Lolita’s blouse pulling her towards him so only a thin piece of paper could slide between their noses. “What did you do to Father?” He bellowed at her.

Lolita wrapped her hands around Miguel’s arms and squeezed. “I couldn’t take listening to him anymore. After you two got back from Delos all he did was talk about the prophecy, and how she would come here, to our home and save us all.” She pried Miguel’s hand off her and pushed her chair back to give herself room to stand up. She walked toward the door trying to smooth the wrinkles out of her blouse. “I drugged him then tied him to a tree facing east. It was too bad the drugs wore off before he died. His screams interrupted my dinner.” She turned and inspected her manicure. “I am the strongest female vampire Miguel. I will not let some little bitch take that from me.”

“I will let you live for now Lolita.” Miguel walked back to his chair. “But know it is only because I would have died shortly after you found me. If you know what is good for you, disappear. Leave Katie alone, and never speak to me again or you will join Father in the afterlife.”

Lolita’s mouth dropped open as if to say something, but she snapped it closed before anything came out. “I will do as I will brother. You should know better than anyone not to get on my bad side. I’m going to give you some time to calm down. I will leave at dusk. When you have out grown this fantasy and are ready to see her as the threat she is, you know how to get in touch with me.” She stomped to the door and slammed it on the way out.



Vince watched the plane take off into the night heading towards Greece. He slammed his hand against the wall he was leaning against. He only missed the plane by minutes. He hoped Katie would be alright on her own. He made his way to the ticket booth in the Madrid airport to see if there was a way he could get to Athens later that night.

“I need to be in Athens by four in the morning their time,” Vince said to the agent giving her his ticket for his missed flight. “Is there anything you can do?”

“Let me see señor,” she said clicking away on her computer. Vince pulled his phone out of his pocket. He wanted to call Katie and tell her he was trying to get to her, but her phone was off and there was no voicemail service attached to the phone. He could text her but, knowing her, she would think Miguel had found her and was looking for her. He did not program his number into her phone for that purpose alone. If one of them ended up with Miguel or Lolita he did not want Katie tied to him in any way. He would try and call her after her flight landed.

“I’m sorry señor the next flight for Athens does not leave until eight-fifteen tomorrow morning.”

“That will not work.” He cringed inwardly. Katie was going to be on her own for over twenty-four hours. Could she keep herself safe in a town where she knew no one and did not speak the language? He hoped so. “When does the first flight leave tomorrow evening? My business requires me to be available by phone from five am to seven pm,” Vince said giving his standard response as to why he could not travel during day light hours.

“There is one that leaves at seven-oh-five, will that work?”


Copy Right 2017 Joy Mosby