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Hunted by Vampires

After narrowly escaping being captured by Alex, Katie is alone and scared. She has no one to turn to until she stumbles upon a peculiar town in the Olympus Mountains. The inhabitants can teach her how avoid Alex and find Lolita, but first she must find a way to win them over.  

As she prepares for the battle that will seal her fate, one of her enemies is trying to help her. 

Ignoring Theron’s order to stay off Crete, Miguel arrives hoping to find Katie and other survivors of the attack. While Miguel nurses the survivors back to health a new adversary makes his way to Crete with plans to take over The Syndicate, now that Theron is thought to be dead. 

This the third instalment in the Asteria’s Daughter Series.  



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Trained by Vampires

When Katie Hunter dreamed of visiting the Greek islands she thought of beaches, sun and cocktails.

Unfortunately spending the summer on Crete was nowhere near her dream.

She found herself alone in a city where she didn’t speak the language and the threat of very real monsters hunting her.

Her only hope is the chance that a vampire she barely knows, Vince, will be able to catch up with her sooner rather than later.

Determined to continue her quest she travels from Athens to Mykonos to Crete hoping to find a place where her enemies won’t find her.

Found by Vampires

San Sebastian, Spain. A young college graduate from America finds her boyfriend making out, with another woman, on the dance floor of a bar when a voice, in her head, tells her that her boyfriend is lying to her. This is when Katie Hunter’s destiny caches up with her. While unable to leave the city she finds out that not only do vampires exist, she can hear their thoughts, and they believe in a prophecy that predicts her appearance. Orphaned as a child she finds out that her deceased mother could be the goddess that created vampires, and that Katie is to be their queen.

Found by Vampires, is Joy Mosby’s debut novel that will keep you guessing and leave you wanting more.




Joy wanted to be a writer since the sixth grade when she won a short story contest for her community. Since then she wrote on and off again always dreaming of being a published writer but never believing that it would happen.

Never being truly happy in multiple careers, she made the decision to find a way to become a published author. She found a new job that allowed her more time to concentrate on writing . Found By Vampires, is her first published work.

Joy grew up in a small town in the Colorado Rockies. Wanting a chance to discover herself, she went to the University of New Mexico for three years before Colorado called her home. She graduated from Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Joy lives, as she puts it, in BFE Northwest, Colorado with two spoiled pound puppies, a few barn cats, and a very patient, tolerant and loving husband.

When she is not writing she is reading, running, boating, camping or hunting with  family and friends.