Trained By Vampires

When Katie Hunter dreamed of visiting the Greek islands she thought of beaches, sun and cocktails.

Unfortunately spending the summer on Crete was nowhere near her dream.

She found herself alone in a city where she didn’t speak the language and the threat of very real monsters hunting her.

Her only hope is the chance that a vampire she barely knows, Vince, will be able to catch up with her sooner rather than later.

Determined to continue her quest she travels from Athens to Mykonos to Crete hoping to find a place where her enemies won’t find her.




Found By Vampires

In one hundred AD Christianity was over taking the Roman and Greek world. The Olympians were losing their power which meant the Titans were losing even more. Asteria, creator of the vampires would not stand by and let the world forget about her. She came up with a plan that included a daughter.

Katie Hunt, was your average American college graduate spending her last summer of freedom backpacking around Europe with her boyfriend, Mark.  Strange things begin to happen while they are in San Sebastian, Spain.  Catching Mark cheating on her was not strange, but the voice in her head telling her that Mark was lying was on the stranger side of things.  

Miguel Herra, the unspoken king of San Sebastian and head of the local vampire community, has been searching for ‘The One’ since his maker and sister told him of the prophecy. He knows that he is in the right place, but when will ‘The One’ make herself known?  

Vince, Miguel’s second in command, not out of loyalty but of necessity. He knows what Miguel plans to do when he finds ‘The One’ and must stop him in the name of the goddess. When he sees the mark on Katie it explains everything. Now he needs to find away to help Katie escape from Miguel before it is too late.

This is Joy Butler’s debut novel that will leave you wanting to know what happens next in the series, Asteria’s Daughter.